I am Magnolia sky 2015
OK here it is, after years of procrastinating, delaying and peer-pressure I have finally succumbed and setup my blog. The actual setup was relatively simple, what took so long was collating all my random ideas and thoughts to try and create something that was somewhat cohesive.

So who am I and what is it all about?

In short I see this site as an outlet for those distracting musing that fill my head throughout the day. All the things that encompass my life, including places I have been, the food and people I encounter along the way. Through My Magnolia Sky see the world from my prospective, a global citizen with a London sensibility, armed with my Nikon camera.

For more about me and the wonderful world of My Magnolia Sky, visit my About Me page. There is so much more to come so don’t forget to follow on Instagram and Twitter (@MyMagnoliaSky)  and even better you can subscribe to my blog.

Sneak-peak at my ever evolving style aesthetic, more to come in my Style Diary and collection of my favorite looks to be featured in LOOK BOOK

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