Mosob Eritrean Restaurant NW London

Just off the Harrow road, minutes from Westbourne Park station, you will find London’s best Eritrean restaurant Mosob. Though my experience of Eritrean restaurants is limited, I would agree with those who have visited before me. I dined with an eclectic mix of friends and we partook in range of sharing platters representative of this east African country.

My personal favorite was the Injera rolls, covered in chili paste and crushed pepper (glass of water should be included).

Our host and waiter tested us on our knowledge of capital cities ending and beginning  with the same letter, which was an odd yet entertaining twist to the evening. By the way Abuja, capital of Nigeria was my contribution to the discussion.

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I wore: River Island “Fashionably Late” T-shirt, Michael Kors Watches

DSC_0081 DSC_0080

Asmara capital of Eritrea (starting and ending with the same vowel)

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