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So I have been at this blogging game only for a minute now, but within this short space of time I have learnt so much and I’m still learning. Like with anything new you do, I have made mistakes and the whole experience has been an eye-opener. I’m constantly making minor adjustments to the layout of my site as I understand more, also my social media engagement has stepped-up, to help promote my blog to a new audience.

The biggest improvement has been in my photography, after making a huge investment on purchasing my Nikon D5200 camera; I was concerned it would end up on the shelf collecting dust. However this was far from the truth, in reality I use my camera most days and carry it with me for those impromptu photo opportunities.

The biggest change to my blog has been the recent name change. When I first started I don’t think I really grasped the importance of your domain name and I was completely naive to the whole .com Vs , not to mention .org. To say I was confused was an understatement; however after speaking with my good friend, he gave me some much needed advice in the simplest of terms:

“If the .com is available always go for it.
Always keep in mind international intentions
Your website will appear prominently in searches outside of your home country
Avoid others from gaining a domain with the same name”

As I mentioned previously the importance of social media had not been lost on me, and I wanted to be consistent on all platforms. Which is extremely hard, anyone who has tried to setup a new profile recently knows my frustration, how many times did you have to edit your chosen name as it’s already taken? The fact is if it’s a good, someone else has already probably thought of it and secured that Twitter or Instagram account.

So here I am, an evolution change from This means on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Vine I am simply:

For those that already follow me, no action required I have updated all the above accounts, those that don’t yet follow me; I’m not sure why you are delaying.

For some actual useful advice on blogging refer to Independent Fashion Bloggers.

My Magnolia Sky

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