WEBSITE ABOUT ME PICI’m Mofe, London based and lover of all things fashion, creative, beautiful and fun.

I have worked over 10 years in the fashion retail industry for some major British brands, all of which have helped shape my unique style aesthetic, from what I wear to how I dress my home.

Working in this industry, means I do have a real passion for design, style, interiors, anything visual and creative. I do love to shop and look for beautiful special things to fill my home

In my spare time I indulge my creative side, and attempt new projects such as sewing, cooking and photography. The results are mixed, but what I lack in talent I more than make up for in enthusiasm and effort.

My career has also given me the opportunity to travel the world and experience new countries and cultures. Recently I visited Bangladesh and Vietnam, experiencing fashion from its core, witnessing the manufacturing process from conception.

I like to think this website is more than just a blog, it serves as my personal outlet to share all the things that encompass my life, including places I have been, the food and people I encounter along the way. Through My Magnolia Sky see the world from my prospective, a global citizen with a London sensibility, armed with my trusty Nikon camera.

contact me:

EMAIL: MyMagnoliaSkyBlog@gmail.com

Twitter: @MyMagnoliaSky

Instagram: @MyMagnoliaSky

All photography is my own, unless otherwise specified. Images not to be reproduced without permission. 



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