It’s my Birthday and I can cry if I want to….

Tales from the forgotten festive babies…

As I wake-up I instinctively reach for my iPhone to be confronted with a deluge of messages, as to today is actually my birthday. I quickly scroll through replying my thanks and appreciation surveying who actually remembered this year, the absent messages sometimes saying more than those who have sent me an essay of words.

I have mixed feelings about this day, which marks when I first entered the world. Along with the usual issues with getting older bringing you closer to the inevitable end, it’s a feeling of excitement and genuine dread, resulting in a ball of anxious energy that fills my stomach with butterflies and awkward knots. Sprinkled with those odd moments of sadness that tinge your day, you dare not mention for fear of being reprimanded by your friends and family “It’s your Birthday… cheer-up, you should be happy”

As my 30 *coughs* something Birthday falls upon the closing of the year in that strange lull between Christmas and New Year. When most are still recovering from their festive hangover and anticipating the New Year’s celebration, I’m quietly turning a year older.

That reminds me a special mention to all the festive babies, the forgotten few whose special day is often overshadowed by the birth of Jesus. “No I don’t want a joint Christmas and Birthday gift and no you can’t owe me one after you get paid in January and no I won’t be combining my party with the New Year’s celebration and finally no you can’t use that leftover Santa paper to wrap my gift.” My middle name Abiodun literally means being born during the festive period, another blatant reminder from my parents, anyway as usual I have grossly digressed, back to the point.

Christmas wrapping paper not acceptable for birthday gifts..


Christmas wrapping paper not acceptable for birthday gifts..

I can’t help but take a retrospective look at the last 12 months events. The highlights include my summer in Asia, finally setting-up my blog and building new relationships. I also think about the things I’m not too happy about, it’s hard not to think of everything I am yet to achieve. In this modern age of social media it’s too easy to measure your own success against the achievements of your peers.

I’m constantly confronted with the statement “by now I should have…..”
Been married, had a small litter of children, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, paid off my student loan, reached my goal weight, registered my nectar card. The list is long and deep, covering a range of topics, which cloud my thoughts on a daily basis. It doesn’t help with the added pressure of comparing oneself to the “modern women”, which includes looking like a 20 year old, while having perfect children, still dressing effortlessly fabulous and thighs that defy the laws of physics. All the while maintaining an amazing career and showing the rest of us you can have it all; I’m talking about you Beyonce!

Whenever I’m feeling this way I think of the Billy Joel song Vienna.
“Slow down, you’re doing fine
You can’t be everything you want to be
Before your time”

However rather than dwelling on the things I’m yet to do, or even may never do I will focus on what is actually within my control. Firstly by asking myself the following:

Three things I have learnt about myself this past year?
Three things I will be doing differently this coming year?

Answers to the above in my next post, now I’m off to eat cake without any guilt, because it is my Birthday and I can if I want to.

Thanks to all my friends and family who despite me do all they can to make this day special.

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Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Friendship disection

Those that know me well will know that I have been brainstorming the whole concept of friendship of late. We dedicate so much time to analysing our romantic relations and there is a deluge of literature dedicated to being a better wife, parent, employee; but very little in reference to being a good friend.

It’s so easy to take real friendship for granted and forget even the strongest of bonds need time, effort and a little love sprinkled on top, to renew that union you share for the next 10 years.

So when Steph invited me out for a late lunch I jumped at the chance to hang-out with one of my best friends, on a sunny bank holiday with the stress of work long forgotten.

The lunch was not just about the food, though it was delicious and we happily overate with willful abandon. No we were here to work, I enlisted Steph’s input and advice to help me formalise my thoughts around the subject of “Friendship” by the end of our meal we had dissected and categorised the different friendship types, from the “faux plutonic friend” to the “default group buddy”. Too much to write in this post, which lead me to the conclusion I need at least a whole post dedicated to the subject matter if not an entire series.

Anyway back to today’s lunch, we found ourselves at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell London, a relaxed eating environment serving all day breakfast and brunch.

For full details of what I wore, see my LOOK BOOK.

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

The all day brunch menu has something for everyone

We ate the full works breakfast with a “side” of pancakes
Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings
Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Tropical print chairs

The indoor conservatory/ green house
Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Steph’s dress encompassed the botanical tropical theme beautifully “happy accident”
Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Stacked rings and sparkly things.For full details of what I wore, see my LOOK BOOK.

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Under the weather, then out comes the Sun…

Under the weather

So I have been under the weather of late, I’m not sure why but my body seems to have become a beacon for all germs. The Easter Bank Holiday was supposed to be jam-packed with an an array of exciting interesting things I planned to do, while in reality I have spent the last few days hauled-up in bed, watching bad reality TV.

But the time was not wasted, instead I used my time to think, really think long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life. This included the direction I want to take my blog in and the content I want to share with you all. My whole blogging experience has been tentative and at times hesitant as I have tried to understand my blogging vision.

The main objective was to really understanding my personal point of view and bring that unique voice to this site. This has given me a renewed push and motivation and I’m really excited to share all my new content.

So I’m now off to try and utilize the very last of the fading bank holiday weekend before returning to the daily grind we all call work.

Today I wore: River Island “Los Angeles City” sweatshirt,  ASOS Jersey joggers.

Thrifty tips: Chrysanthemum Flowers revived

A New Year resolution I’m actually sticking to, buying myself flowers all part of my “make me happy” campaign. Each week I select a different type depending on my fancy. The whole thing has become a bit of a weekly tradition, cementing the end to what usually is a busy and stressful work week.

From Borough Market to my local Waitrose, where I buy my flowers varies depending upon my mood and weekend activities, the one thing that is consistent is the feeling I experience staring at a new fresh bouquet in my kitchen.

Over a week ago I bought a delightful bunch of  dusty pink Chrysanthemum’s, relatively cheap and just happen to catch my eye among the sea of petals that particular Saturday.


Its been over a week since I bought them and I noticed they were looking a bit sad, a little attention was needed to revive my wilting bunch.

I trimmed away the wilted leaves and cut down the stems

Jar as Vase


Jar storage seems to be having a moment of late and can be used as a vase or even drinking glasses. I simple washed out a Homepride pasta sauce jar and removed the label.

Happy kitchen, Happy me, Happy Sunday


Change can be good

My Magnolia Sky

I am now

So I have been at this blogging game only for a minute now, but within this short space of time I have learnt so much and I’m still learning. Like with anything new you do, I have made mistakes and the whole experience has been an eye-opener. I’m constantly making minor adjustments to the layout of my site as I understand more, also my social media engagement has stepped-up, to help promote my blog to a new audience.

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