Ok so it’s my first week and I have finally acclimatised to the time difference and the high humidity. Having also mastered the MTR metro system I feel confident moving around HK, however the only issue I have now is not really knowing where I should go. Living in London most of my life, there is not much of the city I haven’t seen, I’m used to finding the most obscure and random places that you won’t find on Trirpadvisor of Timeout. Whereas in HK I was the novice, therefore had to convince my work colleague to show me some of the places he would go in the city he calls home.

So we headed over to Sheung Wan, located on HK Island close to Central. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I would describe Sheung Wan, as traditionally nostalgic mixed with modern architecture which is synonymous with HK. The ladder multi-level streets and cobbled pavements add to the charm though keep in mind when selecting footwear (fashion flats would be a good choice).

I knew we would spend most of the day out and about so opted for an outfit that was comfortable and practical for the afternoon activities.

Today I wore Summer Florals: French Connection lime chiffon top, Debenhams cut-off washed jeans, New Look floral Kimono and River Island chunky gold sandals.


The multi level ladder streets, where old meets new



So much more to come My Hong Kong Travel Diary


Those that know me will understand my career requires a ridiculous amount of travel. Within the last 12 months alone I spent a considerable amount of time in Asia including; HK, China, Vietnam and even Bangladesh (check out my Dhaka photo diary).

My almost full passport is evidence of my frequent visits to HK and China, including a 5 week stretch last year where I was able to fully engross myself into the culture, the people and the way of life. My weekdays were spent moving around mainland China busy visiting factories and meeting with manufactures, whereas the weekends I would return to HK and literally try to squeeze in as much as I could to learn and discover more about this intriguing and amazing place. I wanted to fully utilise this unique opportunity to try and get a taster as to what it could possibly be like to live in Asia more specifically HK. From when I first visited back in 2009 I felt the potential that one day could this be a place to call my home. Though don’t get me wrong this was mixed with some obvious reservations, including being a women of colour throwing myself into an environment that is not only different culturally to what I am accustomed to but also the reality of living somewhere that is not as ethnically diverse.


Over the next few weeks I hope to share my HK diary, from the people I met, to the beautiful sites all from my own unique prospective.  So make sure you come back to see more about my HK adventure and to make sure you are the first to know, subscribe to the blog or follow me on ALL the social media @mymagnoliasky




Do comment below and tell me your experiences in HK, Asia or even to tell me about your amazing blogs, I’m always looking for great content to add to my reading list.

Travel Diary: Return to Bangladesh, Dhaka, June 2015

Bangladesh is the world’s second largest manufacturer of garments, most of which are supplied to many of the brands you and I wear. Working in the fashion retail industry means I have become a frequent visitor to the country, more specifically the capital Dhaka. It’s early June, meaning the temperature and humidity is high, as soon as I stepped of the plane I was greeted by the heat, reminiscent of an open oven door in a hot kitchen.
Dhaka city itself is a living contradiction; from the high rise modern buildings, versus the simple shacks many of the city’s residents still live in. On the roads the traditional rickshaw riders have equal standing against the larger buses and shiny 4×4 cars. The common thread being everyone’s desire to beat the traffic and not to be caught in the dreaded “JAM”.

The readymade garment industry in Bangladesh is still relatively new compared with its other competitor countries such as China and India. However the growth has been exponential, making Bangladesh a strong contender in the market of fashion manufacturing.

This growth hasn’t come without its challenges with recent tragedies such as the Tazreen factory fire and the collapse of the Rana Plaza building, highlighting the need for resource and investment to support this rapidly growing industry.

The people were friendly and as I was a very obvious foreigner I did attract some curious stares, especially in the more remote areas just outside the city.
People Bangladesh Dhaka

People Bangladesh Dhaka

I have an hour to spare so I accompany my colleague to a food market, while she shopped for dinner.
Food Market Dhaka Bangladesh

Fresh produce is easily available, supplied by the surrounding farmlands of the city.
Bangladesh Food

Bangladesh Food

As we drive out of Dhaka city, leaving behind the beeping car horns, crowded streets and congested city life, I get to see the other side of the country. Sprawling forests, green farm land and most importantly quiet empty roads, a complete contrast to the city center.