COOK BOOK: Cauliflower Rice

It’s post-Christmas and New Year and like many I’m in detox mode to remedy the overindulgent festive period and ready myself for the elusive British summer. Therefore while googling carb alternatives (please don’t  judge me) I came across this great rice substitute, made from 100% cauliflower. Low in carbs, fat, no gluten and most importantly guilt free.

Cauliflower Rice
Things you will need: cauliflower, food processor, small amount of cooking oil, seasoning and small amount of onion and a touch of ginger (last two ingredients are optional)

Using a food processor grate the cauliflower florets or as an alternative a cheese grater can be used, though this method does cause more mess.
Cauliflower Rice
Cauliflower Rice
Then experiment with how fine your want your cauliflower rice, from very fine similar to Couscous or if you prefer like me large pieces reminiscent of easy cook rice

Now there are various ways you can cook the rice including frying, steaming in the microwave, oven baking or even eating raw as is. My preferred method is lightly tossing in a pan for a few minutes to heat through. I add a small amount of onion, ginger and lightly season to taste.

Cauliflower Rice

I then serve as normal, like any other rice dish.

Tomato chicken stew served with Cauliflower Rice

For great step by step instructions on the many delights of cooking Cauliflower Rice check out:

I think I am going to try the pizza crust recipe next.